Exclusive Bonnaroo Interview: Matrimony

A few years back, Andy Hull sent us a hand-written transcription of an interview Luke had passed along to him and we each sat around our computer screens in awe of how cool it turned out. As soon as we published it, we received a great deal of feed back from fans of the band thanking us for presenting an interview in such a unique format. However, it was completely a product of someone else’s creativity and we were fortunate enough to be the recipients. 

Fast forward and we’re getting ready to head to cover Bonnaroo and begin discussing fun ways to interview the bands we’d lined up to talk with. Building on Andy’s original post, we picked up a moleskin and wrote out the things we were curious about from each band. 

I think it caught a few bands off guard, but everyone had fun with the interviews. The non-traditional manner of the project was as exciting for us as it was for them and I can’t wait to share the other features. 

Interview with Matrimony

Interview with Matrimony

TheBlueIndian.com has been fans of Matrimony for a few years running now. Luke introduced the rest of our staff to their music and we’ve been hooked since. The Charlotte, NC-based act released their Columbia Records-debut titled Montebello Drive on June 11th. I met up with the band early on Saturday, so I’m not sure who was feeling the most groggy between the six of us, but enjoyed reuniting with this “family” and looking forward to their return to Macon on July 13th with Have Gun, Will Travel & Anne Bonny.

Interview with Matrimony

Interview with Matrimony

Quite possibly the (best) worst joke I’ve ever heard.

Matrimony will be on the road throughout the next few months in support of their Columbia Records debut. Pick up a copy of it now!

Cover photo courtesy of MatrimonyNC.com

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