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John Mark McMillan’s Tongues of Fire Tour: Atlanta Show Review

John Mark McMillan’s “Tongue’s of Fire” Tour rolled through Atlanta’s Vinyl. Read up about the night!

Across the Table with John Mark McMillan

We recently caught up with John Mark McMillan in Chattanooga, TN to discuss what’s on the horizon for the indie artist.

INTERVIEW: John Mark McMillan

“If I wanted to sing about speaking in tongues, relationships, The Walking Dead, or Jesus… Then done. If I wanted 2 drummers, a dulcimer, and a string section… Done.” -JMM

John Mark McMillan – Borderland

“Running on the edge, reaching the center, exiled and included, with his Borderland, John Mark McMillan, it seems, has arrived.” -TBI

JMM Songs inside the sound of breaking down

John Mark McMillan’s “The Song Inside the Sound of Breaking Down (Re-Release)”

“Packed with intensity, emotion and a heart laid bare, it seemed that McMillan could hold his peace no longer in these tracks that burst forth from a ready pen and a fiery soul.” -HE


John Mark talks about touring with David Crowder, his new album Economy, how he deals with criticism, and the importance of personal relationships.

Acoustic Alley: John Mark McMillan – “Murdered Son”

McMillan gives us a powerful acoustic version of “Murdered Son” off his latest record, Economy.

John Mark McMIllan Economy

John Mark McMillan’s “Economy”

Holly believes this is an important record and McMillan’s best! Find out why…

John Mark McMillan plays an acoustic guitar in an alley in Macon, Georgia

Acoustic Alley: John Mark McMillan “Sheet of Night”

John Mark plays an exclusive acoustic version for The Blue Indian of his new single off the upcoming release ECONOMY.

Videos: John Mark McMillan Live at The 567

Here are a few videos from John Mark McMillan’s set at The 567 in Macon, GA!

John Mark McMillan to Play Macon, GA this Saturday, March 12th!

Come support a prolific songwriter as he makes his debut in Macon, GA this Saturday, March 12th!

John Mark McMillan’s “The Medicine”

“I believe it is one of the most important recordings I have had the privilege to hear in my lifetime thus far. It is the stuff of revolution, revelation.” -HE