Class Actress’ “Journal of Ardency”

Lindsey claims Class Actress “is what pop music should be.” Check for yourself.

Luke Goddard

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Journal of Ardency
February 9, 2010

Journal of Ardency is like the soundtrack to a movie about my life; the one starring the Brat Pack as members of Violator-era Depeche Mode covering Berlin’s “Metro” at my high school prom (the part of me is obviously filled by Ally Sheedy). I’ll give you a moment, dear reader, to take that in. It effing rocks.

I can’t stop listening to it. Class Actress makes me want to dance.  I want to dance while I’m cooking dinner, I want dance while I’m washing the dishes, I want to put on some sweatbands and do some jumping jacks, I want to dress up in glitter and red lipstick and paint my nails black.

Class Actress is what pop music should be.

The band is comprised of singer-songwriter Elizabeth Harper and producers Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson, and it’s hard to tell what came first: the synth or Harper’s airy, dreamy lyrics. Even though it’s overtly 80s-influenced (even if “Let Me Take You Out” sounds to me like a mash-up of New Order’s “Age Of Consent”), somehow that becomes part of what makes it great…like your favorite mixtape.

Lindsey Whitefield– June 14, 2010

Class Actress :: Let Me Take You Out