Kevin Presbrey’s – “Dust Unto Dust”

Sarah Weitman likes Kevin Presbrey’s “Dust Unto Dust” and wants more…

Sarah Weitman

out of 10

Kevin Presbrey
Dust Unto Dust
June 29, 2013

Former front man of Painkiller Hotel, Kevin Presbrey has stepped out on his own with the release of his Dust Unto Dust EP. Working with producer Ryan Hadlock (of The Lumineer’s debut album, Ra Ra Riot and Milo Greene), Presbrey used influences like Jim Croce, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Ray LaMontage to craft his new sound. In 2012, Presbrey almost hung up his musician’s hat for good after the death of his biggest fan, his father. Instead, he took away “the inspiration…to create this album,” with the goal to make “something his dad would’ve loved.”

Dust Unto Dust is short, with only five songs, and that’s a little disappointing. In the sense that it’s over too soon, leaving you wanting more. But the perk is that everyone I know will have no choice but to enjoy it as much as I do since they’ll be listening to the songs over and over, ad nauseam. Dust Unto Dust reminds me of the music that I grew up listening to. The early 90s country that was about storytelling and a good twangy guitar – the kind of thing you don’t get as much of these days. “Tell Me What You Want” and “Something in the Water” are two of these songs. “Good Man” is a touching dedication to his father, but resonates if you’ve ever lost anyone close to you. The opening lines, “It’s gonna take a while to right this ship” is the shortest, but best way to describe experiencing and trying to cope with such an event. I think I like “Sunrise” the best, though it’s a tough call. Mostly, I like the slightly more upbeat nature of this song. It doesn’t help either that I relate (as a “creature of the night”) and too usually see the sunrise “from the other side.” “Always with Me” is a great closing song. It’s meaningful, second homage to Presbrey’s father, that is optimistic. I feel like it not only tells the journey Presbrey’s been on through this part of his life, but also the journey of this album as he says, “But I must go, I must go on.” I sure hope that he does keep going on.


-Sarah Weitman, July 31, 2013