Progress Band – “Shadows in the Shape Of”

TBI’s Dawson White doesn’t think much of Progress Band’s “Shadows in the Shape Of.”

Jus Post Bellum – “Oh July”

Sarah draws comparisons to Shovels and Rope, The Civil Wars, and The Head and The Heart on the new Jus Post Bellum record.

Michael McFarland – A Failed Breakup

Shumate says the EP is “an encounter pleasant enough in itself, but with little to recommend a long or intentional visit.”

Lights & Motion – “Save Your Heart”

“The ebb and flow of the Save Your Heart is brilliantly orchestrated as evidenced by its delicate opening with “Heartbeats” which progresses gently to a full crescendo before winding back down seamlessly into “Ultraviolet.”” – CB

Dead Gaze – “Brain Holiday”

The legend, as I understand it, is that a friend of Cole Furlow somehow had access to eleven days of studio time at Sweet Tea in Oxford, Mississippi, a studio with an impressive list of clients including Animal Collective, Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, and The Walkmen. The culmination of these eleven days is Brain Holiday, […]

Soviet Soviet – “Fate”

“The band’s debut is certainly a tight and well put together example of what up and coming bands should aim for with their studio debuts” – Peterson Worrell

Gringo Star – “Floating Out to See”

“With thirteen songs boasting various concoctions of early rock, the psychedelic, rockabilly, experimental, blues, and good ol’ indie rock, Gringo Star’s third album Floating Out to See will surely pique at least one of your musical interests. ” – DW

Carnivores – “Second Impulse”

“Carnivores are able to keep in check the psychedelic tendency to hide behind layers of panning stereo effects…. An album with so many elements shouldn’t work this well, but it does.” – Lee Fowler

The Get Togethers – “Home as in Houston”

Holly is raving about The Get Togethers’ latest effort, “Home as in Houston.” Check out this record!

Tim Kasher – “Adult Film”

“….if you’ve been moved by Kasher’s work before, odds are good you’ll find something interesting here as well.”

Ben Trickey – “Rising Waters”

“The whole underlying feel of the album is a dark and melancholy one, but earnest and without being depressing.” -SW

SWF – “Let It Be Told”

“On his debut album, ‘Let It Be Told’, SWF honors the fuzzed-out days when radio rock was booming and musicians and music fans alike mythologized the “road” as the fount from which all rock inspiration flowed.” – GT