The Head – “Girls of the Yukon”

“Their newest EP, “Girls of the Yukon”, doesn’t deviate from their signature style, featuring a jangly, guitar driven blend of pop-rock …influences from big names such as Stone Roses and Big Star” – Peterson Worrell

Peterson Worrell

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The Head
Girls of the Yukon
October 1st, 2013
Self Released

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and while most of us have some decent tans and good memories to show for it, Atlanta based pop-rock trio, The Head, have much more to show after their summer vacation (although, I’m sure they’ve got some nifty tans too). After spending the summer in the studio, the group is preparing to release their new five song EP, Girls of the Yukon, their first new offering of 2013.

After their founding in 2007, The Head began pumping out their signature style of harmonic pop-rock resulting in two full length LP along with two EPs as well. The band has garnered quite a bit of buzz after sharing the stage with the likes of Shovels and Rope and The English Beat as well as being featured in SPIN magazine. Their newest EP, Girls of the Yukon, doesn’t deviate from their signature style, featuring a jangly, guitar driven blend of pop-rock with a healthy dose of 70/80’s style rock to add just the right amount of retro flavor to the mix. The bands style clearly draws influences from big names such as The Stone Roses and Big Star.

Girls of the Yukon opens up strongly with “Alone”, a track that gives a perfect example of what you can come to expect from The Head, excellent use of vocal and guitar harmonies supported by witty lyrics that take a few listens to fully appreciate. The second track of the EP, “Commotion”, offers up more of the same, however, in a slightly more mellow style. “In My Arms”, the third track of the EP, is probably the song on EP that exemplifies the bands dedication to establishing a retro sound. The backing vocal harmonies sound like they would perfectly fit in on record that was released 30 years ago, a feat that The Head has obviously mastered over their time together as a band. The penultimate track on the album, “Realize”, further drives this point home. The final track of the album, “Leave Me”, is a bit of an oddity in that the band takes a markedly different approach with this song. The band seems to draw heavily on a western/folk vibe for the final track of the album by utilizing acoustic guitars and harmonicas. While still a great track, it’s definitely not what you’d expect at first from The Head.

Photo By: Valheria Rocha

Photo By: Valheria Rocha

To further compliment their superb style, The Head exemplify the DIY work ethic. The band has heavily relied upon word of mouth and independent marketing in order to build up a solid reputation not only in Georgia, but also throughout the Southeast. As of right now, the band has set two dates for proper release shows for Girls of the Yukon. The first will be on September 27th at Star Bar in Atlanta, GA and the second will be on September 28th at Radio Room in Greenville, SC. Given the strong following the band has garnered through heavy self-promotion along with their reputation for energetic performances, both shows are sure to be crowd pleasers and are perfect ways to wrap up a great summer.