The Silver Seas’ “Chateau Revenge”

“This is the album I’ve needed for the last three weeks.” -SB

Guest Writer

out of 10

The Silver Seas
Chateau Revenge
July 6, 2010

We are selfish. We think that each thing we experience is unique only to us, but at some point we realize that everyone else goes through all the same things and we are not the first. That’s why we love movies. That’s why we cry over good albums. We all emote, even the best programmed robots among us. We emote because these movies, these albums, remind us why we keep going, even after a broken heart.

This is noteworthy and fitting because this is the the heart of The Silver Seas’ new album Chateau Revenge. This is the album I’ve needed for the last three weeks. Chateau Revenge creates a storybook, not only of the band’s memories as they experienced these things, but one that lets the listener re-discover the path we all took once upon a time, when we thought the answers would all magically appear the moment we kissed that person, held their hand, broke their hearts.

I wrote more about Chateau Revenge, but ended up cutting it because I cannot explain this album any more than this: listen to it. Sit back and enjoy it in your breakfast nook over tea, at the bar with friends and a beer, holding hands with the person who makes your heart thud. Enjoy it for what it sets out to do and remember these moments for yourself, because that’s what this album is about.

–Sarah Bates, July 23, 2010