White Arrows’ Self-Titled EP

As we move into 2011, we’re wrapping up with a few squeeze-in’s from 2010.

Sarra Sedghi
white arrows

out of 10

White Arrows

August 1, 2010

White Arrows reminds me of Athens. They’re eccentric yet likable and possess the same energy that bleeds through the city’s adolescent population. They’re pretty catchy too – I’ve caught myself murmuring “there you go…walking out with your boyfriend,” more than a few times because “The Voyeur” has been stuck in my head for days.

When I listen to “Coming or Going” and “The Voyeur,” I can’t help but think that sh*t’s going down. It doesn’t matter whether I’m getting ready to go downtown or take a test; something important is about to happen, and these songs motivate me to stride into these events with confidence. I can hear White Arrows, playing in a bar as the background to shuffling through the crowd and friends taking shots (hold on – am I allowed to say that?) and on the stage at the 40 Watt (that’s a hint guys, stop here when you’re on tour!), and I know for a fact that once I get a hold of some headphones, I’ll be listening to this EP while walking around campus a lot.

The only hangovers I experienced with White Arrows were “Everything Scares Me,” which isn’t a bad song but it just reminds me of waking up at 1:00pm on Sundays, and the remix of “City Boy,” which lacks rebirth. I could hardly tell it was a remix, and originally wondered why White Arrows had put the same song on their EP twice. The remix of “Coming or Going” is much better, however, and evokes a completely different mood than the original.