Acoustic Alley – VALLEY MAKER

Photo by William HaunWe were fans of Austin Crane’s music long before he formed the magical duo with Amy Godwin known to many as Valley Maker. You may remember back in February of 2011 when we featured an Acoustic Alley session with Valley Maker promoting their debut concept record and it seemed shortly after that, covers of the songs began to appear all over YouTube.

We’re extremely excited about the possibilities for Valley Maker going forward as Crane just recently moved to the hub of all hubs for indie music- Seattle, WA. We recently reviewed Valley Maker’s recently released follow up to their debut, entitled, “Yes, I Know I’ve Loved This World.” You should totally buy that record. And in the meantime, enjoy this session, as it includes 3 songs off the record. – Luke Goddard

VALLEY MAKER – “Another Way Home”

[youtube id=GSOYr9gy8Wc showinfo=0]

VALLEY MAKER – “Pretty Little Life Form”

[youtube id=jEkXiuYCmI0 showinfo=0]

VALLEY MAKER – “Only Time”

[youtube id=CMMSOhPBZsY showinfo=0]