Bing Crosby sings with Will Ferrell, David Bowie, Clay Aiken

Back in 1977 one of the oddest musical pairings occurred. David Bowie appeared on Bing Crosby’s Christmas Special and the two sang a semi-original version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” It was an awkward yet kind-of-awesome pairing.

This week Will Ferrell made waves via his FunnyOrDie web site with a (almost) shot-for-shot, line-by-line parody of the Bowie/Crosby classic. Ferrell assumes the role of Bowie and his comedy sidekick John C. Reilly plays the elderly Crosby.

I’d like to point out another, even more hilarious version of the Bowie/Crosby duet. Back in 2003, Nickelodeon had a Christmas special in which Clay Aiken sang David Bowie’s part and a digital (yes, I said DIGITAL) version of the nearly 25-years-in-the-grave Bing Crosby magically appears to sing his lines. Apparently the Crosby estate specifically requested the digital duet. Craziest thing… I don’t think it was meant to be funny. Have a watch below and skip to 1:30 where the bizarre dream sequence singing begins.