Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #5: Q&A with Citizen Insane

citizen insane

Sean Pritchard (TBI): Can you tell us a bit about the band? Who you are, where you’re from, and what you do in the band?

Shawn Williamson (Citizen Insane): We formed Citizen Insane about three and a half years ago. We were living in the outskirts of Macon at the time. We spent about six months writing songs then we moved to downtown Macon. We played our first show with Nomenclature, which I believe was their second show.

TBI: How long has the band been playing together?

CI: About three and a half years.

TBI: What are you looking forward to the most about this year’s Bragg Jam, aside from playing the festival?

CI: The unofficial after parties.

TBI: What are three bands you would you would love to see on the bill for next years festival?

CI: The Melvins, The Evens, and All The Saints from Atlanta.

TBI: When you’re not at your respective venues, where will you be spending your time at Bragg Jam?

CI: I plan on staying at the stage we’re playing. I’ll probably head down to The New 567 but other than that, the rest of the festival is pretty much non-existent to me.

TBI: What do you consider to be the band’s biggest source of inspiration for writing, playing, and working as a whole?

CI: The idea of staying true to ourselves.

TBI: Which of the songs you’ve written means the most to you?

CI: The song ‘Spooky’ was very important to us. The idea of the band was that we would start out very raw and almost primal. Very simple songs written very quickly. Then, hopefully a natural progression would happen and the songs would get more complex as we went along. Like the human life cycle. Well, we never really got to that point naturally until we wrote ‘Spooky,’ that song was the gateway to the next phase of Citizen Insane’s songwriting.

TBI: What can we expect from Citizen Insane this year? New releases? Tours?

CI: We have an E.P. that should be out very soon and hopefully a tour a little later in the year.

TBI: Three adjectives to describe your music as you see it?

CI: Rotted, sensual, arrogant