Check Out deWinter Wonderland!

deWinter wonderlandI know we’ve been nuts lately throwing all kinds of good indie Christmas music to you guys, but I’ve got yet one more to send your way as you inch closer to theĀ  big day. Obviously we really enjoy Christmas music around here, but what I love even more is Georgia indie artists who put out Christmas tunes this time of year. It’s a double-win for me.

You may know of the Favorite Gentlemen band, Winston Audio, as they have toured rather extensively over the past handful of years– playing at some of your favorite venues along the way. If you’re a fan of this band, you’ve probably been a little disgruntled with their hiding. You may have noticed Daniel DeWitt (lead singer) traveling around playing solo shows. You may have been surprised of late to see Dan Gleason (also of Winston Audio) playing in the band Death On Two Wheels.

Be not dismayed!

We here at will be soon talking with Daniel DeWitt in the form of a Q&A about the band’s future plans, the Christmas record, their new, upcoming Winston Audio record, and much much more. So stay tuned! But in the meanwhile, enjoy the spirit in these lovely Christmas tunes that Daniel and his lovely wife so carefully crafted.

Oh and I almost forgot the important part . . . . You can download the Christmas record HERE for a pay-what-you-want-price!