Showcase Photographer: Ernest Greene

Ernest Greene is a man of many side-projects– one of them being his growing collection of photographs, which are available for your viewing pleasure at his photo blog. You may have heard his music under the moniker, Washed Out, but he continues to keep me interested with not only his music, but his producing projects […]

The Nobility

The Nobility – “Gold Blue Sky”

The Nobility, a band off of Theory 8 Records (Nashville, TN) sent over this beautifully arranged melody called, “Gold Blue Sky.” Their harmonies are catchy and addictive. “Gold Blue Sky” makes you want to jump in a hot air balloon with a pair of binoculars and observe the world as you float away. Learn more about […]


LAKE – “Don’t Give Up”

You recently read a Q&A; Blue Indian did with LAKE, a band off of Calvin Johnson’s label (K Records). Eli Moore, multi-instrumentalist/vocals of LAKE, sent over, ironically, one of my favorite jams this summer. It’s ironic because this tune has such a “fall-ish” feel to it, not summer-ish like something along the lines of Washed Out.“Don’t […]

Amy Godwin

Amy Godwin – “Bones”

She’s from McDonough, GA, but is often found serenading the drooling men and women around downtown Macon, GA. I first discovered this Norah Jones successor while attending one of my brother-in-law’s shows. I can remember parking my car a few blocks down and hearing a big voice coming from the area where my bro would […]

Sam Spina - First Time I went somewhere to sell comics

Sam Spina

Screw the newspaper. It’s boring anyways. Make it a morning ritual to begin your day with a Spina Doodle. Sam Spina of Columbia, SC, contacted Blue Indian this morning. I’m glad he did. He’s mailing some of his comic books to Blue Indian to be reviewed. Until then, you should check out his online collection. […]

Ben Kamer

Ben Kamen/Invisible River – “Blurry Lines”

An eccentric artist who goes by the moniker, “Invisible River,” Ben Kamen sent over this weary tune called, “Blurry Lines.” It is taken off of his new, self-titled album, “Invisible River.” He’s currently on tour with Eleanor Murray until September 11th. The tune has a certain ambiguity to it that leaves the listener peeling endless […]

Chandler's promo

“Night Carry Me” by Chandler Reid

There were dried earthworms beneath our bare feet. You and I chasing each both chasing each other in fields as vast as cities, with racing hearts and wandering eyes that venture to the ends. Where the grass eventually meets the gravel. This night was darker than any other night. The summer seeps in and I […]

Nate Phillips

Nathan Phillips – Thunder Bay, Ontario

A thrifty, indie singer/songwriter from Ohio, Nathan Phillips, sent over this brilliant gem, called, “Thunder Bay, Ontario.” The song is only 2 minutes and 13 seconds, but those 2 minutes and 13 seconds are pure bliss. The mixture of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and Phillips’ lazy vocals are nothing short of entrancing. Once the front-man […]

The Specs

The Specs – “I Can’t Sleep”

Charleston, SC’s The Specs sent over this chilled tune released in 2007 off of their self-titled album, “THE SPECS.” They’re currently in the studio recording their second full-length that will be released early Fall. “I Can’t Sleep” makes you appreciate those moments when you’re staring at the ceiling at night in bed. The dreamy harmonies layered […]