The Blue Indian Recommends: Arthur Alligood

Arthur Alligood - Full Circle

He has been known for his introspective songwriting, but over the years I’ve not only come to appreciate his songwriting, but his raspy voice that comes through so boldly behind the microphone as well. He’s one of those that once you hear him live, you’ll never forget him. His melodies are contagious and his lyrics will impact you. I’ll never forget the time I heard Tennessean singer/songwriter, Arthur Alligood, perform his popular song, “Hold On” in Greenwood, SC to a crowd full of strangers to his music. If I say I was floored, it would probably be the largest understatement since that idiot who said Michael Jackson’s a good moon-walker.

Blogger, Matthew Patterson, comments in detail regarding one of Alligood’s shows, “Arthur Alligood was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and wore wide-rimmed glasses. He looked like a red headed David Crowder (for those of you who know who he is). He strummed his guitar with more of a nervous tick than the graceful movements of other more well-known artists. But somehow this quick jerking motion birthed a worthy rhythmic melody to his story, which he sung with awkward facial expressions and painful grimaces. Had I passed him on the street I would have barely noticed him, just a regular Joe. But Friday night, he had my attention. I think it was because I realized he wasn’t trying to entertain me, to show me how cool he was or how he had everything together and what it looked like to be the perfect little Christian…. His voice rang with truth and his story was real, made up of things from the dark places that don’t look good up in lights or sell well in markets of perfection.”

It’s no secret that Alligood’s storytelling ability is a generational inheritance coming directly from his father, Leon Alligood, a well-known writer who resides in the greater Nashville area. With 6 releases under his belt, including one that was released under Worship Circle Records, Alligood is no stranger to the indie-folk music world. A full-time husband and father of 3, Alligood is no longer booking shows at the moment, but from a conversation I had with him a couple of weeks ago, it looks like this may change in the near future. So, don’t be surprised if you see Alligood making an appearance here and there over the course of the year 2010, as he gears up to record what will be his 7th official release this year. I’ve had the opportunity to hear some of the demos to his new stuff. And let me say, he has wowed me again. In the meanwhile, I’ll let you discover him for yourself. Go and do yourself a favor by downloading his free EP, called “Full Circle EP” HERE.

If you’re not sure if you want to download the FREE EP, preview the song “Hold On” below for yourself.

Arthur Alligood – “Hold On”