The Blue Indian Recommends: The Head and the Heart

We first discovered The Head and the Heart thanks to Damien Jurado who said in our Q&A that they “could very well be the next biggest thing to come out of the Northwest, since Fleet Foxes.” When an artist of Jurado’s stature says something like that you can bet we pay attention.

After one listen to “Down in the Valley” we were sold. The song would be perfect enough with just the lead singer and his guitar earnestly sharing how he wrestles with his inner demons. “Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways,” he earnestly pleads. Then strings, piano, and beautiful harmonies slowly creep in and lift his cries to incredibly beautiful and hopeful heights.
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The group has been called a “folksy Beatles” and it is songs like “Sounds Like Hallelujah” that have earned them that praise. “Hallelujah” almost seems like it could be broken into three separate songs – each even more awesome than the last.
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The band spent the first half of 2010 touring the Northwest and self-released their eponymous first album at the end of June 2010. They have since opened for Vampire Weekend and scheduled a tour of the East Coast with Dr. Dog. Mark February 11th on your calendar to catch them in Atlanta at The Masquerade.

We’ll leave you with one last treat: a fan video of an encore the band played in a parking garage after a concert in Tacoma, WA. The bright spotlight and the raw, echoing vocals are one of the most incredible audio/visual experiences ever. If your mind isn’t blown by the 2:30 mark then you’ve lost your head. And if your eyes aren’t watering when they start stomping at 3:35 then you have no heart.

[youtube id=iGOcTjQs3ow]