Top Ten for 2010 (List #3 of 7): by Sean Pritchard

by Sean Pritchard

10. The Guitar Song – Jamey Johnston
Because this list wouldn’t be complete without a country album, and you’ll just have to see for yourself that the man can write some great music.jamey johnson guitar song
9. Thank Me Later Drake
Because along with writing a phenomenal album, he’s got Lil’ Wayne, Bun B, Birdman and a whole cast of others.
8. Swim – Surfer Blood
Because the title track from this CD has one ear-worm of a guitar riff after another. And they’re our neighbors to the south.
7. Cosmogramma – Flying Lotus
Step 1. Google “Cosmogramma Fieldlines”. Step 2. Enjoy.
6. Macon Noise Compilation Vol. One – Various Artists
Because nothing like this has ever happened in Macon, Georgia, ever, and it’s happening now.
5. Big Echo – The Morning Benders
Because Amanda Bandy sure does know about some beautiful music and she was kind enough to share it. Please listen to this album.
4. The Union – Elton John and Leon Russell
Because.Macon Noise Vol 1
3. Teen Dream – Beach House
Because Beach House has got something good and made it great. They’re continuing to perfect and craft a signature sound with their third full-length record. And because we got to see them cover Gucci Mane.
2. The Lady Killer – Cee Lo Green
Because Cee Lo has written one of the catchiest songs of 2010, along with 13 other amazing tracks.
1. Brother’s – The Black Keys
Because it just is.