THATH Sign to Sub Pop, Release Re-mastered Record, Share New Tracks

It’s official, what may be the nation’s hottest, up-and-coming indie band has finally signed to a label. Or as Sub Pop Records announced today: “[We] are totally doing it.”

The Head and the Heart are now label mates with greats like Fleet Foxes, Wolf Parade, Iron & Wine, and more. From THATH website:

We here at camp Head and the Heart are extremely excited, happy, elated, and possibly over-the-moon for the relationship that has been consummated with Sub Pop Records. They’ve released so many seminal albums that we all in the band cherish and to be a part of that history is amazing. We’re all still learning their nicknames, inside jokes and neurotic tendencies, but it feels good. It feels like home. We have no idea what this new year will bring (hopefully more Wine Fridays, am I right guys?), but with Sub Pop backing us, we’re ready to find out.

They have also announced that in exchange for joining their mailing list you can a free download of “Down in the Valley” and a new, unreleased track “No One to Let You Down”. We here at the Blue Indian have heard them both and can assure you – it’s TOTALLY worth handing over your email addy (do it below).

** THIS JUST IN ** The band’s self-titled debut album has just been re-released on iTunes, Amazon, and (just,as in minutes ago). The re-release has not only been re-mastered but features the previously unreleased internet favorite “Rivers and Roads” as well as a re-recorded version of “Sounds Like Hallelujah”. Grab it now! Tip: it’s $2 cheaper if you get it from Sub Pop instead of contributing to Steve Jobs’ turtleneck fund.

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