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A message from The Blue Indian’s owner:

Before I get to why I’m writing, I have a few things to say. First, I wanted to take this moment to thank each of you for subscribing, following, and staying close to what’s happening at TheBlueIndian.com. I can’t express to you how thankful I am when I check my stat-counter and realize how many people read this site. It makes all of the hard work worth it. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, things have really slowed down lately. I’ve personally been very busy with other facets of my life: my wife, my full-time job, among the many. Please do not think for once that we’re shutting down. In fact, we’re just getting started. I truly believe you’re going to be blown away with the upcoming exclusive interviews– some are with rising artists, some are with utter legends. Before I get to why I’m writing, I feel the need to explain something.

While TheBlueIndian.com has landed some pretty impressive interviews, it is NOT our intention on being the next Pitchfork or Rolling Stone. We’re an indie blog site who are striving to bring Georgia, especially Middle Georgia, the best reading experience the internet has to offer. We take pride in the fact that we’re not about trying to land the biggest and baddest indie artist for an interview, but more so focused on promoting local Georgia bands, some famous and some up-and-rising. We land the big interviews simply to place these talented local (Georgia-based) rising bands next to the great and more established national artists/bands with the intent of shedding a broader light on their work.

Also, let it be clear, with TheBlueIndian.com, you will get a great variety of perspectives, especially as represented in the CD reviews. TheBlueIndian.com’s writers are an eclectic group of writers who have come together to comment on art. So, please read with that perspective and understand that not one posted article should reflect the group as a whole, but more so the specific individual writer who contributed the article.

Now, to why I’m writing.

I was recently approached by a young man named Sean Pritchard, one of the more respected minds around the area when it comes to booking bands. He came to me with a very bright idea. Obviously, I wouldn’t do this with just anyone. The guy’s a genius in this area and I believe he will add a lot to what we have going at TheBlueIndian.com. So, with that said, I proudly introduce, “TheBlueIndian.com Presents.”

“TheBlueIndian.com Presents” is the newest side of TheBlueIndian.com. TBI Presents will be hosting 2-3 shows per month around the Middle Georgia area, focusing special attention on the bands playing by featuring them on alongside dozens of other great artists.

TBI Presents aims to provide the Middle Georgia area with an all around better show experience with bands that you want to see! We run off of your help so please feel free to message or email us with any suggestions or comments.

BOOKING: If you are interested in booking a show through TheBlueIndian.com Presents,” please email Sean Pritchard, as he is the brain behind TBI Presents.

Thank you and we sincerely appreciate you.

Your friend,
Luke Goddard

Luke Goddard - cartoon