7 Minutes in Heaven with: Katie Costello

Katie Costello“It’s a new year and we’re anxious to see what up and coming bands and artists might make our top ten lists this year. We also realize a need to bring you more face-time with bands, not just giving you our opinions, but allowing the bands to make their case and let you decide if you want to hear more. So we’re launching “7 Minutes In Heaven with…,” an interview series dedicated to introducing new bands to you guys. It’s a really simple concept: 7 questions answered by the bands, telling you a little about who they are, their music, and what makes 2011 their breakout year. Think of this as your meet and greet–if you like the bands, let us know!” –Beth Yeckley, Head of Interviews for TheBlueIndian.com


Artist Site: http://www.katiecostellomusic.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/katiemusic

Katie Costello, an old soul with an easy to love youthful charm (she’s barely 20 years old), is orchestrating clever pop music that’s plainspoken, but graceful. I like to think of Costello as the female version of Andrew Belle, in that it’s easy to settle into her songs at first listen. I don’t doubt that she could ride her sophomore album, Lamplight, into a very successful year.

1. Where are you from and how long have you been a band (or been making music)?

I am from Hermosa Beach, California and I have been making music since I was a mere tween girl of thirteen.

2. Describe your sound in 5 words.

Tiny. Salty. Loud. Tender. Whatchamacallit.

3. Who would you say are your top 3 musical influences?

The Beatles, X, and Fiona Apple.

4. If you had to choose ONE song from your albums that our readers have to hear, what would it be and why?

I would choose the song “Ashes Ashes,” because it’s about a reoccurring subject matter in my music, which is how the fleeting nature of our existence can be awe-inspiring and empowering.

5. What were 5 of your favorite albums from 2010?

Break Mirrors – Blake Mills

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

Hunting My Dress – Jesca Hoop

Loneliest Generation – Harper Blynn

Flaws – Bombay Bicycle Club

6. Name a band that we might not have heard of yet but should definitely check out.

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7. What’s big and exciting for you in 2011?

I’ve released my second full-length record Lamplight and I’m going on tour in the spring with Toad The Wet Sprocket, Ari Hest, and other great musician friends! I hope to tour a lot in 2011!