Q&A with Mark Mathis (of Public Radio)

Not boasting here, but The Blue Indian has a couple handfuls of interviews with some rather impressive artists. With our interviews, we take pride in offering our readers insightful knowledge about their favorite artists’ background, their career as an artist, and other tidbits of information that the fans wouldn’t be able to obtain elsewhere. Quite frankly, Mark Mathis could have burped the ABC’s for 25 minutes and I would have been content with the interview. On several different levels, this guy’s music has changed my life. With his permission, my wife and I were able to use his song, “In Love at 19” in my marriage proposal video, which has been aired on several TV networks, including TLC. Extremely laid-back in conversation, it was amusing interviewing Mark, as his conversational voice closely resembles the style of his music. Obviously, there are songs like “Sweet Child” and “Forgot Love” that show the more loud, bouncy side of Mark. But, I didn’t hear that side during this interview. Instead, I got to know a very confident, yet humble artist who is inches away from making a ton of money from such avenues as Mark Mathis, his solo project,  and Public Radio, his band. After his band showcased for Interscope Records and Hollywood Records in Los Angeles, he had to come back to his home in Charlotte, NC with the understanding that until he gets that phone call, he’ll continue to work his full-time job while maintaining a fan base with his music. Call me a prophet because I’m about to prophesy: Mark, Jessie, Luke, and Jeremy– go buy a large rake ’cause it’s about to start rolling in whether you’re ready or not.

Listen to the interview below:
[vimeo id=7036458]