At The Table With: Favorite Gentlemen Records + More!

It’s nearly that time of year again, folks! Favorite Gentlemen Records has brought back their wildly successful showcase “The Stuffing” to the Center Stage Complex in Atlanta and we want you to be well aware of all the festivities! There’s going to be over 12 bands on 3 stages, DJ’s, merchandise, photo booth’s, giveaway’s and so much more! will be sponsoring “The Leftovers” after party, which takes place at VINYL following Manchester Orchestra’s set. Trevor Dowdy & Jake Turner (Say Anything) will be DJing, along with a few special guests!  If you want to check out what we thought about last year then just head here and give it a read. We decided to talk with some of the artists performing this year to get the scoop on their favorite Thanksgiving foods, family traditions, and what they’re most excited about at the showcase.Tickets are SOLD OUT but you can come visit us all  at THE LEFTOVERS, even if you don’t have a ticket to the show! More details online tomorrow afternoon.

1. Everyone has a pretty similar formula for Thanksgiving dinner, but what would be one food that we might be surprised to find on your table on Turkey Day?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen RecordsKentucky Derby Pie and this frozen marshmallow and Mandarin oranges (at least I think that is what it is) dish my Grandmother always makes. 

Michael Martens – O’BrotherThe only two non-traditional things that are a part of our Turkey Day are Sriracha and pajama pants.  You must be in pajama bottoms to attend our meal. MANDATORY!

Terrence Richard – Junior AstronomersIs pig feet normal?

Dan- Death On Two WheelsWe’re traditional, so its really just turkey, stuffing, corn, etc for us. I wish I could give ya something weird like snow cones but its pretty low key

Trae – Death On Two Wheels – Same here, usually just the essentials. I’m a southern man, I do call it dressing rather than stuffing, so that’s different from some folks. I’m also a terrible eater, not one bit afraid to stop for some fast food on the way home from Grandma’s big dinner, maybe a Big Mac, WaHo, sackful of Krystals, what have you. 

2. Aside from The Stuffing, what would you say is your favorite item on the table for Thanksgiving dinner?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen Records – I am a big fan of green bean casserole but honestly I like to throw everything together into tiny sandwiches with the dinner rolls. This year we are actually having a reheat party with some friends and making turkey cubans. 

Ethan Gabriel Jack – A: The ColorYogurt. I always find myself eating more yogurt than anything else. People think it’s weird but I love it. Yogurt and mayo are actually not bad either.

Harrison Hudson – Harrison Hudson – Has to be the gravy boat. I will put gravy on ANYTHING. Peach pie. Done. 

Kevin Devine – Kevin Devine I’m a freak about biscuits, and I love mashed potatoes.  Hardcore.

3. I think we’re all big fans of the post dinner R&R break. What new album could you see yourself playing to wind down and deal with the “Itis”?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen Records – Maybe the new Wilco album. I haven’t had a chance to really sit and give it a good solid listen yet. That might be a good opportunity. Knowing that  I’ll be hanging out with The Knife Men  guys that evening it will probably end up being Every Time I Die or something like that though. 

Zach Beachum – A: The Color – Atlas, At Last! by Corner Kid. That album is like a cigarette. It’s perfect in every occasion and makes everything better.

Michael Martens – O’Brother – Tv On The Radio – Nine Types of Light or Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Jonathan Minor – SchoolsSleeper/Agent “Celebrasion”

Dan – Death On Two Wheels – When I really want to relax I tend to listen to things that are really stripped down, otherwise the different structures or instrumentation dont let my ears or brain take a break. An artist that I have just recently been turned onto by my girlfriend that fits that description is “The Tallest Man On Earth” and I particularly like his EP “Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird”. Track two is one of the most moving songs Ive heard in years and its just him and a guitar. Really unique voice too. 

4. The Stuffing is back for round two with an even bigger and better lineup. Who are you most excited about seeing perform this year?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen Records – I’m of course excited to see everyone and will be running from room to room trying to catch all the sets. I haven’t seen Harrison Hudson with the current lineup and love their new album so I’m excited about that. Excited about seeing Big Jesus play some new material as well. I’ve had a chance to hear some of the new songs in progress and am excited to see how those come together live. I’m a big fan of Cage The Elephant and they put on a helluva live show so I’ll definitely be there for that.

C.J. Ridings – Big JesusI was really excited about White Denim, bummed they had to drop. But O’brother gets better every time I see them, so it’ll be awesome to see what level their last tour took them to.

Harrison Hudson – Harrison Hudson – Basically, I really am just trying to figure out how to mount a mirror to the front of our stage so I can see my own set. We intend to slay.  (Also I’m gonna go watch Cage The Elephant)

Trae- Death On Two Wheels – Harrison’s new record is the jam, can’t wait to hear some of his new stuff live. All Get Out is always a favorite. C.J. from Big Jesus is engineering our new album and we love all those fellows, SKOOZE!, gonna be a killer set from them. Have you seen Cage The Elephant live??? If not, get yourselves ready!


5. Assuming that your band is going to eat the big dinner together, who is the head chef and who’s going to wind up with dish duty?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen Records – We have actually had a few FG family thanksgiving dinners which are such a blast. Luckily we have some amazing wives and girlfriends that usually end up  organizing it all and doing the major cooking and then we all bring side dishes and desserts. 

C.J. Ridings – Big Jesus – I’d say Evan would end up doing both before anyone could volunteer. He is a caring nurturer and too nice to everyone.

Michael Martens – O’Brother – Anton will definitely be found in the kitchen doing some good cooking.  I personally enjoy doing the dishes and will take the responsibility upon myself!

Terrence Richard – Junior Astronomers – Colin Watts is are resident chef. I’d say Jeff and I will handle dishes because we both trained up the wax on, wax off technique.

Jonathan Minor – Schools – Joey would be head chef, J.D. would take care of the dishes. That’s going from past experience.

Dan – Death On Two Wheels – I think Trae is cooking, with J. helping. Greg and Paul are definitely running late, probably stopping to get smokes and getting caught in traffic. I’m probably making a beer run. That sounds about right. I think Trae would probably make the best dinner, otherwise its probably microwavable dinners or pizza.

Trae – Death On Two Wheels – Truly humbled by Dan’s confidence in my mad cooking skills … that don’t really exist, ha. That said, I’d whoop us up a batch of turkey tacos and fajitas. That’s what I’m best at, usually chicken, but the holiday calls for another bird. We’ll draw straws on clean up duty. 

Kevin Devine – Kevin Devine – If I had the Goddamn Band with me, Fadem and Sparks would split chef duties, and Strandberg and I would happily clean up the table.

6. Favorite Gentlemen Records seems to be one of the most close knit communities of artists in the South East, if not in America; Bands write, record, produce, promote, tour and play together on an every day basis. What do you most enjoy about being part of such an organic and fraternal community?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen Records – Having a such a great group of friends and brothers is amazing on it own but it’s even more amazing when those friends end up being some of your favorite artists and you get to be part of what they are doing. 

C.J. Ridings – Big Jesus – It’s been amazing becoming a part of this community. Everyone is ridiculously supportive of one another and it’s driven our band to work harder and be smarter about what we do. You don’t want to be the new little runt band that can’t keep up, so you better find a way to get sicker faster.

Michael Martens – O’Brother – I think its just that… we know we can depend on any of our FG friends to help us in a time of need, celebrate with us in a time of rejoicing, or collaborate with us in a time or creativity.

Harrison Hudson – Harrison Hudson – It’s just truly a family. We really care about each other’s success. i really just wish we all lived under one roof. I feel like there isn’t just a musical talent but some of the funniest people in the entire world are on FG. I usually leave an FG hang with sore ribs from laughing so hard. 

Trae – Death On Two Wheels –  Favorite Gentlemen is the big brother I never had. You know, constantly encouraging, but has you in the headlock, pushing you to be your best always, but with an elbow stuck firmly in your side, offering every bit of help that’s humanly possible, all the while giving you noogies and making fun of you and your silly little friends. That is, we’re all here for one another, there’s someone there to pick you up if your down, there’s someone there to give you a swift kick and tell you that you’re simply capable of being better. It’s a support system that drives each band member and each band to bring their best every step of the way, it’s very encouraging and very enlightening, and it’s all for the better of each band as a whole.

Kevin Devine – Kevin Devine – Being a part of the scintillating dialogue on the always-intellectual FG text group.  If you could ever gain access to its annals, your IQ would triple immediately.  Just high level discourse there.  In seriousness, it’s nice to know someone has your back.  We need that, and it’s a rare gift, not to be taken for granted.  I feel like I kinda lucked into it, as the Yankee Old Guy.  I’m grateful.

7. Insert shameless self-promotion item: What can fans of the label be looking forward to this upcoming year?

Jeremiah Edmond – Favorite Gentlemen Records – This next year will see new albums from Death On Two Wheels, Junior Astronomers, A: The Color, Big Jesus, Right Away Great Captain!, Gobotron, and I’m sure other new bits from the rest of the artists as well as plenty of touring across the board. 

Zach Beachum – A: The Color – Our debut album. 2012, it’s going down. Without a doubt. It’s already written and in the process of being recorded. I couldn’t love the songs any more.

Dan – Death On Two Wheels – Death is gonna have a new record, should be completed in the next month or so. CJ from Big Jesus, Trevor Dowdy, and Jeremiah Edmond are all helping us finish it, so we’re keeping it in the FG family. Before it’s over we’ll have some guest spots I’m sure from other friends stopping by the FG studio as we’re finishing up.

The Stuffing 2011 Official Schedule