Exclusive Bonnaroo Interview: Milo Greene

A few years back, Andy Hull sent us a hand-written transcription of an interview Luke had passed along to him and we each sat around our computer screens in awe of how cool it turned out. As soon as we published it, we received a great deal of feed back from fans of the band thanking us for presenting an interview in such a unique format. However, it was completely a product of someone else’s creativity and we were fortunate enough to be the recipients. 

Fast forward and we’re getting ready to head to cover Bonnaroo and begin discussing fun ways to interview the bands we’d lined up to talk with. Building on Andy’s original post, we picked up a moleskin and wrote out the things we were curious about from each band. 

I think it caught a few bands off guard, but everyone had fun with the interviews. The non-traditional manner of the project was as exciting for us as it was for them and I can’t wait to share the other features. 

Interview with Robbie Arnett & Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene

Interview with Robbie Arnett & Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene

I was a bit anxious for this interview with Milo Greene, as I had just started listening to a copy of the bands debut, self-titled release only a few days before and didn’t have much time to read up on them. I met with Robbie & Marlana as the sun was starting to set on Friday evening and was immediately met with a comfortable “coolness”. As they took turns writing out answers, we discussed how Bonnaroo compares to other festivals they’ve played this past year and a number of other things.

Interview with Robbie Arnett & Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene

Interview with Robbie Arnett & Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene

As you can see, they were both very emphatic about how excited they are to start working on new material. Their self-titled debut on Chop Shop Records contains 13 tracks of beautifully emotional compositions, and it’s well worth your money, but it made sense that they were ready to move on to some new material given the time they’ve spent on the road with this set the past year.

We discussed cinema for a few minutes while they decided on a few movies they enjoyed from the past year(s), and the few films they decided on have kept my mind occupied since returning from the festival. I should note that “Martha May Marlene” should be written as “Martha Marcy May Marlene”, but the Tennessee heat can do things to one’s memory. All great films though.

Milo Greene 3

Interview with Robbie Arnett & Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene

Sadly for us, the Spurs failed to clench the NBA Finals from the Heat, but our group was at least able to watch some of the game at the festival. I thought their comments on regional differences were well made, but I was surprised.

Milo Greene has one remaining US date in California before they take some time off and then head across the Pond for a few festivals and a date with First Aid Kit, before heading home for Outside Lands Festival. I’m looking forward what these five have in store for us next.

Cover Photo by Cara Robbins