Interview: Kye Kye

Say “hello” to Kye Kye. We recently caught up with the Portland, Oregon based act during their tour with John Mark McMillan to chat about God, sushi, and a new album.

TBI: For our readers that may have never been acquainted with Kye Kye, how would you introduce yourselves?

KK: We are a 4 piece band out of the Portland, OR. area. Olga (guitar and vocals), Tim (vocals, keys, guitar), Alex (Keys), Tommy (Drums).

Hope you get a chance to listen. Thank you for listening.

TBI: What is the story behind the name “Kye Kye?”

KK: We had been writing music under a different band name and then a few years ago we went through an extreme change, it was basically a kind of spiritual awakening and we truly believe that we have discovered the meaning and purpose of life and so we thought is was appropriate to change the name of the band. We were on our way down to LA to get into the studio for tracking our album “Young Love” and spent the night at a friends house. It was there that the name ‘Kye Kye’ came up in a conversation. All of us just looked at each other and knew something felt right about it. Kye (technically spelled chi) is part of a symbol the early church used that represented Christ. The symbol/letter used was an X. thats why people write Xmas.

TBI: What would you say influences your writing the most?

KK: Grace. Understanding that all that we have we don’t deserve … salvation, relationships, music, life, and everything else in between.

That we are given this gift of relationship with the creator of the universe just blows our mind daily. Understanding this allows us to freely receive Gods creativity as a gift not based on anything that we could ever offer. We really truly believe that anyone who understands this can convey some of the most beautiful expressions of art.

We also think that there are artists out there who are genuinely searching for truth… sometimes in the wrong places. Nonetheless the genuine search for truth is something we connect to. We believe that people who are searching are more sensitive to Gods voice which is trying to lead them to Him, and so in the midst of this, art is created. We think most people can sense this — it moves you, causes certain emotions to stir up — its what we normally call good/honest music. Music like that inspires and influences us.

TBI: What do you enjoy most about touring with our good friend, John Mark McMillan?

KK: A few things, one of them is just getting to know John Mark better. We love what he writes and how he writes it. And we also love that he is focusing on building relationships with people to help build up this body that we are all a part of. You don’t see that very much today and we are super excited to go on tour with someone that has that as a priority. Another thing is playing to the specific target market that follows John Mark. We believe that though stylistically the music might be a bit different, the heart in which it was written is similar and so we really feel that our music will crossover to John Mark’s audience quite well.

TBI:Tell us a little about Come & Live, how did you get connected with those guys?

KK: Initially we had heard about what Chad was doing from a good friend of ours. We were so stoked about other musicians who had the same heart for God and music that we started supporting them. We eventually connected over email and then over the phone and ended up playing on their stage at Cornerstone Festival 2011. Later that led into our current relationship with them, in which we have partnered as a friend of Come and Live. And we are so blessed to be involved in the movement they are creating.

TBI: What have you guys been listening to these days?
KK: (Olga) Ha Hmm that question always gets me. You’re always listening to something. Well i guess these last few days have been:

Washed out
Beach house
Active Child
Jonsi and Alex

Thats been on my week’s playlist :)

TBI: What can we look forward to from Kye Kye in 2012? Any exciting plans?

KK: We just released our remix ep about a week ago or so AND are currently working on bits and pieces for a new album which we are extremely stoked and excited about. It has so many warmer vibes and colors yet still Kye Kye! I mean it’s been quite a while since the last record was recorded so things have been maturing and changing and I think in all the good ways.

TBI: Where can our readers get their hands on your music or perhaps a t-shirt?

KK: All of our music is on good ol iTunes and we have an online store as well, where you can buy a physical copy of our Cds, T-shirts, posters, etc.

You could also download a few songs for free from Come&Live!

TBI: Finally, if you could have dinner with anyone, from any time, who would it be and what would you have?
KK: (Olga) Anthony Hopkins and I would have a medium rare steak with Garlic cheesy red mashed potatoes and asparagus.

(Tim) Beethoven in his 20’s. Sushi.

(Alex) Apostle Paul. Backyard BBQ.

(Tommy) C.S Lewis. Pad thai.

TBI: Thanks!
KK: Thank you so much!

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