Party in the Park Atlanta Featured Artist: THE ELECTRIC SONS


Party in the Park 2013 Lineup

Party in the Park 2013 Lineup

The second annual Party in the Park Atlanta is just a few days away and I wanted to familiarize myself with the only band on the lineup that will be representing the fine city. Last year, Ponderosa had the honor of starting off a day of music that culminated with The Flaming Lips, but this year you’ll find THE ELECTRIC SONS kicking the Party off. The duo has caught the attention of Indie Music Review Magazine,, and a steadily growing fan base in the South. The band, comprised of Andrew Miller & Ben Richards, is eager (as you can imagine) to be a part of such a large production this early in their career, though they’re quite familiar with festival style production and large audiences – they’ve already been featured at Bearstock, CollegeFest 2012, Star94’s Festival, Sounds of the South and more. 

Party in the Park takes place Saturday, May 18th in Centennial Olympic Park. Tickets are available for $35.00 pre-sale, but you can take the chance of winning TWO FREE TICKETS if you want. The lineup includes Yeasayer, Grouplove, Ellie Goulding, Passion Pit – and The Electric Sons. If you want to hang out with The Electric Sons and get your Party in the Park started early, the band is having a pre-party at Slice (nearby). Drink specials, food, free swag etc..See the included poster for more details. 

For being a relatively new band (2011), you all have seemingly taken Atlanta and the surrounding areas by storm. Not to mention the web presence you’ve gained over the past few months. Putting all those successes behind you, do you remember the very first show together and what it was like?

(Andrew) Definitely. Our first show was April 27th, 2012 at Vinyl in Atlanta. It was the very first time getting the music out in a live setting which was pretty cool. I imagine it was MUCH cooler for us than everyone else at that point in our live career, but having the support of so many of our friends and fans, even at that point, was a really great experience for us!

(Ben) Yeah, we’ve been lucky to have a ton of support from our friends and family. That first show was simultaneously awesome and terrifying.

The band hasn’t toured much since you got things rolling, however you’ve been featured on a number of mid-sized festivals – including Bearstock and Star94’s Festival. Is there a summer tour in the foreseeable future?

(Ben) We are actually planning on spending June and July writing for a new E.P. There will be shows sprinkled throughout those months but we’re going to try to hunker down and get it done.

(Andrew) We will be doing some touring in August and throughout the fall, out to Arizona and California with the new material, which we are really excited about.

ELSPartyOn May 18th, you’ll have the honor of opening the second annual Party in the Park Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park. Aside from sharing the stage with Yeasayer, Grouplove, Ellie Goulding, and Passion Pit, what are you excited about for the festival

(Andrew) It’s just being a part of such a big production and stage. Being part of a show that size can be a little intimidating, but it’s a challenge we’ve been waiting to face since we started the group. We’re as honored as we are excited.

(Ben) I’m actually excited to get out in the sunshine for a day. After this show we’re going to turn into studio trolls so it’ll be nice to stock up on some vitamin D.

The Electric Sons are an Atlanta band, through-and-through. What are some of your favorite ATL spots to eat, drink, and be merry?

(Andrew) Huge fan of Falafel King in Emory village and when it’s drinking time, I like Prohibition (if I can get in) in Buckhead.

(Ben) Hands down, Fellini’s is the best pizza in Atlanta. I think Grindhouse wins for burger and Flying Biscuit for breakfast. There’s so many great places– Woody’s Cheesesteaks, Fatt Matt’s, THE MAJESTIC DINER for 3am drunk salvation.

For some circumstance, you all get to be a part of a tour with three bands of your choice – current bands. Who are you heading out with?

(Andrew) Phoenix, Foster the People, Coldplay.

(Ben) STRFKR, Youth Lagoon, Muse