Q&A with Bradley Hathaway

Bradley  Hathaway - A Mouth Full of Dust

A sarcastically, self-proclaimed Manly ManBradley Hathaway calls Goshen, Arkansas home. After graduating high school in 2000, Hathaway attended the University of Arkansas where he would major in Philosophy and double-minor in religious studies. After he got heavily indulged in writing poetry, he felt the need to drop out of school to pursue a career with his creative talents. He’s toured with such bands as, He Is Legend,The ChariotAs Cities Burn, Far-LessmewithoutYou and Blindside. While putting out a couple of DVD’s and a CD, he recently released his second full-length, entitled, “A Mouth Full of Dust.” While wrapping up his tour through Canada, we had the chance to catch Hathaway lying flat on his belly– a great opportunity to ask him some questions.

[The following Q&A; was collaboratively done by Luke Goddard and Cory Watkins]

Blue Indian: Hey Bradley, thanks for chatting with Blue Indian.

Bradley Hathaway: My pleasure, my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

BI: Sort of a common question with Blue Indian, where are you at right this very minute?(Details are good.)

BHath: In the basement of Zachary Lucky’s house in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, still in my sleeping bag, lying on my belly.

BI: So, you do a lot of traveling with your music and poetry. What is your favorite part about this lifestyle (of traveling)?

BHath: Feeling the freedom of the open road.

BI: I can see how touring so much can be demanding. How do you keep your sanity?

BHath: Yeah it has been hard before and it takes a few years to get it down but now I’m in a pretty good groove. On this tour I’m alone for nearly two months and there are just two weeks left…I camped out a lot alone and that makes it easier to not have to stay and talk to strangers 24 hours a day.

BI: We saw a video you did through security cameras at grocery store. Do you bag groceries part time?

BHath: Ha, no. Never did that but I have worked my fair share of fast food and restaurants.

BI: You wrote a very biblical poem about boobs. What is the most interesting reaction you received from performing that poem live?

BHath: Hmm…well, nothing in particular stands out and it’s been years since I’ve performed it. But for the most part it was always complete shock and laughter and people not believing that I was actually saying what I was. But by the end most were like “dang…” and really got behind it and saw its beauty.

BI: About your music and poetry, do you enjoy performing one more than the other?

BHath: I love that when I perform a popular poem people recite it along with me, but I prefer songs hands down most nights.

BI: Back to your lifestyle, how accurate are the videos on your myspace that portray a day in the life of Bradley Hathaway?

BHath: Good question. Yeah, that’s really how I live most days at home. But I have to go into town to get on the internet and stuff but I don’t like to do that everyday if I don’t have to. And there are a few more people I hang with. Tuesday evenings I have family dinner with close friends. Thursday a Bible study. Sometimes on Monday evenings I go to a Thomas Merton book club. And Sunday is “church” and i stay there (in a trailer) all day and have waffles and sausage at night followed by a British murder mystery of some sort. I have good days.

BI: Which came first for you, music or spoken word?BHath: Spoken word.

BI: Describe the typical Bradley Hathaway fan.

BHath: Used to be younger kids, boys and girls, that were waaaay into my poetry. These days it’s college age people that have a deep respect for my art as a whole, not just my poetry. They are okay with me being serious and not just funny. They like indie and hardcore music some, primarily Christian.

BI: If you could press a button and have anyone you desire to tour with, who would it be?

BHath: Bright Eyes not because I like it but because his fans would dig what I do. Johnny Cash for personal reasons if he weren’t dead. Then Bob Dylan just to say eff you to the people who would never give me a chance, ha…cuz I’d be on tour with Bob Dylan and could do that.

BI: You played at the Refuge in Macon, GA recently. One sentence on your experience in Macon, GA.

BHath: The sound guy was terrible and disappeared when we were having serious sound issues.

BI: Do you have any rituals you have to take care of before you go on stage?

BHath: Yeah, I always have to do some sort of stretching. I usually hum alot to get my voice warmed up to. And more often than not I poop, not to be gross. But it’s called a P.S.D. (pre show dump) and you’d be surprised at how many bands do that one, ha.

BI: We’re always looking for good music. Who do you recommend?

BHath: Woven Hand from Colorado. Aaron Lee Martin from Kansas. And two Canadian people I dig (since I’m in Canada right now) are Andy Shauf and The Joe.

BI: This next question is going to sound like you’re going to be in a teen magazine. But, we’re curious to hear your answer. Do you have any celebrity crushes whatsoever?

BHath: Years ago I did on Britney Spears after taking my little brother to see her on the “Oops I Did it Again Tour” and somehow I talked myself into thinking that she would actually go out with me if I could just talk to her, ha. But now I’m glad that one didn’t work out. But Nicole Kidman is my current crush hands down. Again, if she only knew me…

BI: What can fans of Bradley Hathaway expect from you soon?

BHath: Well, I am always going to be true to whatever art is coming from me and bringing it to the people as accurately as I receive it. Be it poetry, song, or whatever else. I’m thinking of doing a solo record in December and releasing it in the spring. Or we might do another record as a band around the same time. But I’d expect two records out next year if I were you.

BI: Bradley, awesome talking to you. We hope the Canadian tour goes well.

BHath: Yeah, it’s been going amazing so far. Nothing but good things to say.


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