Q&A with Toro y Moi

Toro Y Moi

Chaz Bundick, whom you know as Toro y Moi, is quite possibly the most blogged about indie no-fier out there today. He and Ernest Greene (Washed Out) are sort of riding each other’s coat tails to indie stardom, as they’re both touring heavily right now. While they’re both catching their breaks by touring with such acts as Beach House and Neon Indian, it’s no doubt that Toro y Moi was put on the map when Kanye West blogged about his music. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Toro is rapidly establishing a fan-base that far exceeds the boundaries of South Carolina. If you haven’t seen a Toro y Moi show, you’re missing out. I recently had the chance to chat with Chaz. We talk about everything from salty hands to his crush on Caroline Polachek from the band Clairlift.

The Blue Indian (Luke): So you’re one of the most blogged about indie artists out there right now. When was it when you sort of caught your break with all of this? I mean, even Kanye is talking about you.
Toro y Moi: It was around June 2009. I started touring in August and things kept snowballing…
Luke: I see. You live in Columbia, SC, right? Where are you from originally?
Toro: Yep, I was born and raised here. Still live here, too.
Luke: What was your childhood like?
Toro: Pretty normal. I liked normal things but I’d tend to hang with the kids who licked their salty palms after playing outside.
Luke: Wow, I used to know kids like that! Let’s talk about your music. You’re a member of the band, The Heist and The Accomplice. And arguably, you’re most known for your one-man show, Toro y Moi. Do you prefer one more than the other? Which do you enjoy doing live more?
Toro: I like them both equally. Being in a band and playing solo have their pros and cons.
Luke: I feel like you’re on the brink of something with you music. You’re sort of in this club of no-fiers/beat-poppers that includes such acts as Washed Out and Neon Indian. Are you fans of these guys?
Toro: Thanks. Yeah, they are really good.
Luke: Indeed. Okay, you have to choose. Which track do you like better: Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around” or Neon Indian’s “Deadbeat Summer”?
Toro: No way, what a position… I pick The Choir Quit’s “Dusted Ground.” It’s such a hit!
Luke: Nice call! That works. I’m sure Ernest will appreciate you not picking “Deadbeat Summer” over his track. Moving on. This is certainly a question you’d seen in a teen pop magazine, but I figured I’d ask anyways. Do you have any celebrity crushes? Who are they?
ToroLauren Hynde or Caroline from Chairlift.
Luke: I can hear Kanye rapping on your track, “Talamak.” Have you thought about contacting him about doing a track together? I mean, he’s obviously a fan of your music.
Toro: Yeah, I’ve thought about it, but its not a priority.
Luke: Cool. So, you’re about to go on tour with The Ruby Suns. You’re playing a couple of shows with Washed Out. You’re playing SXSW. All of this will happen this year. What are you most excited about?
Toro: Really, I’m most excited to start recording again!
Luke: Okay, wrapping it up. Leave the readers of The Blue Indian something special. Give us 5 bands/acts to check out.
Toro: The Choir QuitComa CinemaKid TrailsFree Kisses, and Drake.