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“Way Down Yonder on the Chattahoochee Pt. 1” – A Preview of the Counter.Point Music Festival (9/27 – 9/29)

TBI’s newest writer, Rhett Shirley, opens up about his expectations for the inaugural Counter.Point Music Festival in Atlanta. (Sept 27th – 29th)

Deluna Festival 2012: 6 Bands to Watch crew is returning to Pensacola Beach this Fall for the 3rd annual Deluna Festival. 2012 headliners include Pearl Jam, Florence & The Machine, and Band of Horses + dozens of others. Sept. 21st – 23rd

Show Review: Bowerbirds in Atlanta, GA

Bowerbirds’ new tunes and their live execution were wondrous, filling the dark corners of The EARL with a boisterous and much appreciated warmth on a cold spring night. – Guest writer Josh Jackson

Jude Moses

Jude Moses’ Self-Titled Debut

“Jude Moses has arrived out of the wilderness of song with a note of authenticity. The sounds are simultaneously wild and well groomed, they leave the path wide open and full of hope for what will come next from this duo.” -HE

John Maus’ “We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves”

“Getting past the craziness, it’s as if [John Maus] is trying to alert the audience of something that’s right under their nose.” -Grafton Tanner