10 Bands From Georgia at SXSW 2013


As you well know, SXSW is right around the corner! And with South-By comes a number of smaller fests along the way for you to get a chunk of the action without spending all of that tax return. TheBlueIndian.com crew is especially excited, since we’ll be making our first ever trip to SXSW. Maybe you saw our list of bands to watch from this year’s lineup, but we wanted to give credit to some of the guys and gals from our homestate that will be making the trek to Austin. By no means is this even close to all the Georgia-based artists heading West, but just a glimpse of a few that we’ve been paying attention to. See you soon, Austin!

The Black Lips – Atlanta

[youtube id=hKzmsgXz5GM]

The Coathangers – Atlanta

[youtube id=HBq3GBADboA]

Futurebirds – Athens

[youtube id=HLe8URSzDgg]

Gringo Star – Atlanta

[youtube id=b5BS29t5wmU]

Heroes X Villains – Atlanta

[youtube id=x4wbuqyCKIA]

Maserati – Athens

[youtube id=qWMAgU4ZFDQ]

Popeska – Atlanta

[youtube id=j18Rfem0y20]

Royal Thunder – Atlanta

[youtube id=-XyeyxTm_wQ]

Scotty – Atlanta

[youtube id=slB3RcYCfkE]

Shonna Tucker – Athens

[youtube id=j1VFv6mZ_YU]