Catskill Chill Music Festival – Hancock, NY: September 6th-8th

Catskill Chill 2013 Lineup

Catskill Chill 2013 Lineup

Catskill Chill Music Festival returns to Hancock, NY this September 6th – 8th with a lineup that would make even the most tried and true Southerner cross the Mason-Dixon Line… But really, the group behind this boutique festival has crafted a lineup that gracefully flows between the lines of downtempo grooves and hard hitting jams.

Headlined by the legendary Meter Men featuring Zigaboo Modeliste, Leo Nocentelli, and George Porter Jr. (plus special guest Page McConnell), the festival seeks to provide a relaxed and communal environment outside the boundaries of the traditional fest experience. It’s worth noting that Lotus, Galactic, and Conspirator make co-headlining appearences on a lineup that includes Lettuce, Papadosio, Tea Leaf Green, Dopapod, RAQ, and so many more of the hardest working bands on this circuit.

Tickets for the three-day event are currently at $150.00, but will increase to $175.00 the day of the event. It seems like this is an environment where everyone is treated like a VIP, but there still is the option to upgrade your pass for just $85.00 more. The coolest part about the grounds we’ve seen so far is that if you don’t feel like roughing it and doing the tent thing, cabins are available starting at $400.00+ for the weekend. An entire cabin can sleep up to 30 people comfortably.. just think of it!

We were able to get a few words with festival co-founder Josh Cohen about the fourth annual event and what makes it so special. Enjoy!

The Meter Men: Courtesy of the artists.

The Meter Men: Courtesy of the artists.

Sean Pritchard: Looking back at the past lineups for the Chill, quality over quantity is clear. That’s a trend that has rapidly become more popular as concert goers seek out an experience that won’t leave them regretting the time, money, and energy they spent on the event. If there’s a simple mantra that sums up the creative idea behind Catskill Chill, what is it?

Josh Cohen: Combining a community feel with a love for music and nature has been a driving force since day one. We were all lucky enough to grow up around this amazing performing arts camp which has fostered creative spirit in kids since 1970. Returning as adults to continue nurturing that same spirit seems like a natural progression for us.

While we all have a love for community and music in common, many of us favor one genre over another. By inviting bands from Funk, Jam-Rock, Electronica, Bluegrass, and more, we are able to be more selective within each genre. This gives our Chillfam an opportunity to dance to the best of each world of music.

Attendees (and staff alike) are incredibly fortunate to have The Meter Men headlining Catskill 2013! To add icing on the cake, Page McConnell will be joining the group to contribute his mastery. Along with them, you have co-headlining sets from Lotus, Galactic, and Conspirator – three of the hottest names on the jam/electronic circuit right now. Personally, what act you most looking forward to seeing from the lineup of 50+ bands?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say The Meter Men with Page McConnell. Growing up a lover of Funk and Phish this is a dream come true. I’m also super psyched for RAQ, Motet – Funk is Dead, Conspirator, and Particle.  RAQ and The Motet are newcomers to the Chill while Conspirator and Particle have turned in some of the most memorable sets we’ve had year after year. This is (naturally) a very difficult question to answer because we truly LOVE every band we have on the bill each year!

Whenever we travel to festivals, we like to spend a bit of time exploring the surrounding towns and communities. Are there any “must see” spots that you’d suggest anyone with a little extra time visit?

Hancock, NY is where the east and west branches of the Delaware River converge. Jensen’s Ledges is a mountain peak which overlooks where they meet and has a breathtaking view of the region. You can reach them by hiking the Bouchoux Trail, which is a 2mile hike that starts just 10 minutes from Camp Minglewood in a small town called Lordville. I highly recommend it

As a festival that remains dedicated to providing a premier live music experience without the headaches of most other events, how do you envision Catskill will grow but maintain the original vision?

Easily ~ the Chillfam. Since our first year, when we had 1,100 of the most caring, community minded music lovers imaginable. In year two, we more than  doubled in size and it was clear that the reason we held onto our original vibe was because we had the extended friends of our first year attendees. Last year, this trend continued as we reached a sell-out capacity. This has created a real “family” atmosphere where, by the end of each year’s Chill everyone seems to know everyone. Our mantra: “All Love, All the Time” rings true all festival long and our family….is the Chillfam

Catskill Chill 2012 Recap

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