Video and Photos: MOLLY PARDEN @ The 567

Molly Parden performs a song off her upcoming full-length at The 567 Gallery Stage. Enjoy!

The Blue Indian Presents: MATRIMONY

Matrimony gets the crowd’s attention with their single, “Flee or Fight”!

All Around Georgia: February 2011

Too much to do in February in Georgia! Fill-up your calendar!

Photos: Space Ghost – Live @ The 567 (Gallery Stage)

Check out our photos from Space Ghost’s set at The 567 (Gallery Stage)!

Video and Photos: ANDROCLES AND THE LION @ The 567

Androcles and the Lion made their debut in Macon, GA, on January 22nd, as they shared the stage with Molly Parden, Space Ghost, and Matrimony. Enjoy the photos and video we have from their set at The 567 (Gallery Stage).

The Blue Indian Presents: FRONTIER RUCKUS – “Ontario”

Watch our first video from the band’s awesome performance in Macon on January 21st.

Photos: Trendlenberg @ The 567

Macon-based band Trendlenberg may have been opening for Frontier Ruckus at The 567 on January 21, 2011, but they made plenty of ruckus of their own.

Videos & Photos: BUTTERFLIES @ The 567

Check out the Chapel Hill band’s great performance in Macon, Georgia on January 21st in support of Lost in the Trees.

Video, Photos, and MP3s of Oryx + Crake Live!

See, watch, listen to, and download the Atlanta-based band’s amazing live set from their recent performance at The Earl.

Photos & Video: The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger @ The Earl

Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl play a hometown show that entertains not only with great tunes but laughs as well.

All Around Georgia: January 2011

Be sure to mark your calendars for the shows ALL AROUND GEORGIA for January 2011!

Upcoming Show: LOST IN THE TREES, Jan 20th

You don’t want to miss these orchestral pop geniuses who created one of 2010’s best albums! Catch their first ever show in Macon on Thursday, January 20th.