Favorite Gentlemen Records’ The Stuffing 2011

Favorite Gentlemen Records have done some pretty amazing things over the past 5 years. The label has grown from a fledging collective of friends that played shows with each other, recorded friends records and helped promote Atlanta’s musical offerings into a legitimate recording label with a full roster of artists. Since 2006, the label (co-run by Jeremiah Edmond & Andy Hull) has helped release over 25 albums through their community collective. Things really picked up for these ‘Gents after Edmond left Manchester Orchestra in 2009 to focus his efforts on getting business going and they’ve shown no sign of slowing down since.

Last year, Edmond and his associates devised a plan to host a showcase/festival that allowed all the bands currently signed to the label to showcase their recent efforts. The date was set for the night before Thanksgiving and the appropriately named “The Stuffing” was set into motion. You can read our full review of last year’s event here but if you’re short on time, I can assure you it was a perfect way to start off what is one of my favorite days of the year.

Better yet, The Stuffing is back and so much more has been added to the table. On Wednesday, November 23rd at the Center Stage Complex in Atlanta, ¬†you can catch Favorite Gents’ Manchester Orchestra, All Get Out, Death On Two Wheels, Junior Astronomers, Big Jesus, A: The Color plus their good friends Cage The Elephant, White Denim, The Dear Hunter and a few more special treats for you. Presale tickets are now available for only $25.00.

If you can make the trip to Atlanta for The Stuffing you should. Aside from the musical goodness that took part last year (If I remember correctly..) there were turkey sandwiches, Thanksgiving popsicles, a ridiculously over the top photo booth and best of all, an after-party hosted and DJ’d by Trevor Dowdy (High School Sweetheart) and Jake Turner (Say Anything). Jeffree Star and his crew wound up crashing “The Leftovers” and the rest of the night was a blur. I’m envisioning a much larger crowd, cranberry dressing shots, costumes and some very special surprises this year. You can bet that TheBlueIndian.com will have a large staff there covering all the events for you couch potatoes. Hope to see you there!