Savannah Stopover 2014 – March 7th – Preview

stopover 2014Alright, so you made it through night one! Here’s hoping you aren’t too hungover and that your ears aren’t ringing too badly. The morning may be rough, but trust me, shaking off last night and getting out Friday morning will be totally worth it, especially if you didn’t get the chance to explore the city on Thursday before hitting some of the shows. If you can manage to make it out before noon, make a point to grab brunch somewhere, I’ll refrain from naming my favorites for the sake of being impartial and fair, but a quick Google search should reveal who’s worth a visit in the city (Yelp works magic in this aspect as well). After you’ve got something on your stomach, if you’ve still got a bit of time to kill before the music starts, try checking out some of the local art scene.

Royal Canoe

Royal Canoe at Savannah Stopover 2013

The Jepson Center is a great art museum downtown to spend an hour or two, plus it’s within walking distance of all the venues. If art isn’t quite up your alley and you want to stick to the music scene, try checking out Graveface Records which is about a 5 minute drive from downtown. The shop is small, but carries a plethora of used and new vinyl records and is definitely worth checking out. Plus, it’s the home base of the record label that’s released albums for awesome artists like The Casket Girls and The Appleseed Cast. Anyway, after you’ve taken in a bit more of the city, grab your earplugs and get ready for an awesome night of music. Here are Sarah and my picks for the evening:

SARAH: Whiskey Dick: 4pm @ The Jinx

If you are at the Jinx for any length of time, you’ll probably encounter Tony (voted Best Bartender in the Best of Savannah poll for three years running). Turns out than not only is Tony a great bartender, but he also plays a little music. There may be some classic county covers and there may be some originals, but it will definitely be a good time.

PETEY: Crazy Bag Lady: 4pm @ Hang Fire

It’s hard to nail down Crazy Bag Lady’s sound. The post-hardcore, party punks coming out of Savannah have been making some major noise on the local scene, figuratively and literally. With a sound that lies somewhere between Fugazi and The Dead Kennedys, they’ve been getting a lot of buzz locally and across Georgia. It may be an early show, but if any of their previous shows have shown me anything, it’s that these guys are always set on putting on an intense show and this one is likely to be no different.

SARAH: WoolFolk: 5pm @ The Jinx

Hailing from Macon, this six piece group released their first album in October of last year with praise from TBI’s Cameron Barnham. Garnering comparisons to the Avett Brothers and managing to “out fleet the Fleet Foxes,” WoolFolk has a sound that brings vocal harmonies together with upbeat guitars and has a dreamy quality that will draw you in until all your worries are gone.

PETEY: Tweens: 5pm @ Hang Fire

This is definitely one of the must see sets of Stopover for me. Coming out of Cincinnati, Tweens have described their sound as a mixture of garage rock, doo wop, and pop that they’ve dubbed “trash pop” and it seems pretty accurate. Check out an extended review of them on my post over at Hissing Lawns and be sure to catch their set!

PETEY + SARAH’s pick: The Accomplices: 6pm @ Moon River Beer Garden

Local Savannah-ians, they have all the makings of a good ol’ bluegrass band, yet they’re more than just that. Weaving in some jazz and country, this four piece string band is bound to put you in the southern spirit.

SARAH: this mountain: 7pm @ Moon River Beer Garden

A bluegrass-eque, folk band with a hint of rock-and-roll, throwing in a twang of “southern flare” in their guitar riffs. If you’re a fan of mid-2000s Wilco or Jus Post Bellum without the history lesson, these guys are for you.

SARAH: Caitlin Rose: 9pm @ Moon River Beer Garden

It’s easy to hear influences like Linda Ronstadt, Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline on Rose’s music. It sounds as though she stepped through time, and would be better classified with them, rather than that of contemporaries like Taylor Swift.

PETEY: Secret Shows

This year, Stopover is setting up some secret sets at the Artist’s Lounge and Abe’s on Lincoln. I’m not too sure of what to expect, but what’s the harm in checking it out?

PETEY: The Belle Game: 10:30 @ Knights of Columbus

Another one of the bands I was really excited to see make the artist list for Stopover. The Belle Game is a dark pop outfit from Vancouver that’s been shaking up the indie rock scene with their haunting and hypnotic sounds. At times restrained and distinctly ambient, and at other times robust and booming, The Belle Game channel older dark pop acts like I Love You But I’ve Chose Darkness while adding their own spin on the genre to create something all their own.

SARAH: T. Hardy Morris: 11pm @ Congress Street Social Club

Frontman of Dead Confederate, Morris stepped out on his own with the release of Audition Tapes last summer. His solo work takes a step toward dreamy alt-country and away from heavy grunge.

SARAH: Thomas Wynn and The Believers 12am @ Congress Street Social Club

Where most of the bands before this one have only had a hint of rock, Thomas Wynn and The Believers are a southern rock band in the vein of Tom Petty, The Band, CCR and the Black Crowes. If you want a good old fashioned rock show to finish out your night, this is the band to do it with.

PETEY: Speedy Ortiz: 12am @ The Jinx

Speedy Ortiz was certainly a sleeper break-out of 2013 for me. Admittedly, hadn’t even heard of them until I saw them explode on so many “Best Of” lists at the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, the accolades they garnered at the end of the year are far from unwarranted. They deliver a modern take on 90’s garage rock reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. to a great effect. Don’t miss out on one of the best acts of 2013!

PETEY: Those Darlins: 12:30 @ Knights of Columbus OR TEEN: 12:30 @ Hang Fire

This one took a lot of debate for me, and in the end, I decided to cop out and let you all decide which one to check out. Odds are, I’ll probably split the set myself because both of these touring bands are definitely worth checking out. TEEN is coming down to Savannah by way of Brooklyn and will be flooding Hang Fire with some awesome psychedelic infused drone rock. TEEN makes heavy uses of synths as well which brings to mind other acts like TV On The Radio or Cults. Meanwhile, over at Knights of Columbus, Those Darlins out of Nashville will be bringing the fury with their country-tinged garage rock. Their sound falls in line with other acts that channel a retro-rock vibe like Vivian Girls or Bleached. There aren’t many schedule conflicts for me this year at Stopover, but this is definitely one of the major ones! Rest assured though, whichever show you end up at will be a good one!