Threadbare, Brother Album Release Details & Free MP3

It’s been two years since we’ve had a proper release from Tim Walker and we’ve been missing him. In 2009, his short collaborative EP with his sister (as Tim & Kate) got lots of love from The Blue Indian’s Gino Orlandi. Since then, Tim has been playing select shows around Georgia and crafting his own full-length release under the moniker THREADBARE, BROTHER.

Though a solo effort, the new album entitled When the War is Through features loads of Georgia musical talent backing Walker up. Produced by Atlanta’s talented Joel Siebel, you’ll be pleased to know that both Kate Walker and Molly Parden contribute their lovely voices as background vocals on several tracks.

The physical CD will get a proper release at the prestigious Eddie’s Attic on Tuesday, September 27th. Tim will be joined on stage by Besides Daniel (also making a comeback of sorts after a long spell of silence) and Melanie Annabelle (not sure if her sparrow will be around). This is a show you won’t want to miss!

Here’s a track from the upcoming release entitled “Half-Love”

Threadbare, Brother – “Half-Love”

by Gino Orlandi