Live Footage: The Rocketboys’ “All The Western Winds” at Bragg Jam 2010

the rocketboysThe Rocketboys is one of those bands you know will be impressive the second they walk on stage. They have that quiet confidence in their strut that has folks in the audience whispering in anxious anticipation of the first note to be strummed on the guitar. Well, on July 31st at Bragg Jam 2010, I was one of those folks in the crowd at The 567 highly anticipating The Rocketboys‘ set. And I was impressed. These guys have it all– the presence, the sound, and the energy.

We have plans here at The Blue Indian to occasionally post HD footage of a song of our choosing using a studio recording as the audio. So, we hope you enjoy this new feature.

The always amazing William Haun covered Bragg Jam for TBI this year. You can remember the video Haun recorded of Parachute Musical performing their popular single, “No Comfort” at the old 567.

Check out The Rocketboys performing, “All The Western Winds”:

[youtube id=FVxu7Yc65o8]