Photos – 2/9 – Rubblebucket w/ JuBee & The Morning After, Baby Baby + Triathalon


So what we expected to be one of the best shows we’ve booked in Macon actually turned out to be, despite the many setbacks we faced. I received a phone call from Rubblebucket‘s tour manager informing me that their van’s left rear tire had blown as they were making their way down I-75 on the way to our show. One thing lead to another, they made it to Macon later than expected and literally threw all their gear on the sidewalk in front of the venue and Alex (Toth – Trumpet) and I made our way to an auto shop to find out their van and trailer needed a complete wheel overhall. We got back to the venue, pushed doors back a bit and finally got on the right track.

Despite somewhat poor attendance and a hectic schedule, the night wound up being one of the best times that I have had in Macon in a long time. I think I can speak for just about everyone that came out as well. Our friend and talented photographer Nathan Jones decided to stop by the show and get some shots.

Check out his photo-set on his personal site for some of the most unique photos we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.