Photos: Explosions in the Sky – Live @ The Tabernacle

This year brought us the first album in four years from Texas rockers Explosions in the Sky. It’s also been several years since the group toured the US. That said, their September 29th show at The Tabernacle was a really, really big deal to a lot of fans.

A nine song set would seem short for most bands, but Explosions’ typical 8-10 minute instrumentals gave everyone their money’s worth. The band didn’t stop at all between songs, seamlessly moving from one to the next. When they finally called it a night and retired without an encore, no one was complaining.


  1. The Only Moment We Were Alone
  2. Last Known Surroundings
  3. Catastrophe and the Cure
  4. Be Comfortable, Creature
  5. The Birth and Death of the Day
  6. Postcard From 1952
  7. Greet Death
  8. Let Me Back In
  9. The Moon Is Down