The Blue Indian Presents: MATRIMONY

In their debut in Macon, GA on January 22nd at The 567 Gallery Stage, Matrimony made a huge splash leaving everyone wanting more as soon as they finished the last song of their set.

The band consists of a group of folks who have all experienced success with their respective music careers in other bands. Matrimony formed in December 09 out of a common desire to make good, honest music. Their goal is to write songs about things that actually matter and to play them with as much heart as they can. And they did just that. Throughout this week (Jan. 31st-Feb. 4th) and the next, we’ll be posting more footage/photos from their set, as well as an in-store acoustic performance at Caulfield’s Vintage, located downtown Macon on Cherry Street.

Expect them back in Macon this Spring! Until then, enjoy their performance of their single, “Flee or Fight” off their EP, The Storm & The Eye, released in November of 2010. Purchase it HERE.

[youtube id=OkDXit7CTqc]