Presents: BATHS

Folks who read (or listened to) our interview with Will Wiesenfeld of BATHS a few weeks ago, were fascinated by his method of music making. Just as interesting is his method of performing music. Wiesenfeld destroys the notion of electronica concerts consisting of a boring set with a dude (or gal) standing behind a laptop. Like an expert knob twiddler, his hands constantly danced across his laptop’s pad controller as the rest of his body bounced and rocked to the beat. The energy he displayed in his performance was contagious and the crowd was hopping and dancing along.

Watch two of our videos from his show in Atlanta, Georgia on February 7, 2011 and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

BATHS – “Maximalist”

[youtube id=ktzFyMZaAMg]

BATHS – “You’re My Excuse to Travel”

[youtube id=Wx0pEVxQ7VQ]