Video, Photos, and MP3s of Oryx + Crake Live!

For Oryx + Crake, an 8-piece orchestral pop band from Atlanta, the logistics of getting their entire ensemble on stage together is a challenge. Heck, I can’t get three of my friends to agree on when to meet at Chick-fil-a.

Their performance at The Earl opening for Julianna Barwick and The GOASTT on January 15th was a stripped down version of the band, but the sounds they made were anything but stripped down.

Lead vocalist Ryan Peoples was joined on stage by cellist Matt Jarrard and the duo cranked out some incredible renditions of songs off their debut album as well as a cover and a few new songs. Have a look/listen to their live version of “Bed Dream” below. Ryan’s use of autotune (something I normally cringe at) worked perfectly and has caused the line “Bring it on back” to be successfully stuck in my head for almost a week now. Add to that all the electronic gadgetry Matt ran his cello through and you have a winner.

[youtube id=DGf-hCSTISs]

Thanks to the band and The Earl we are able to share their set with you to stream and download for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check out their full-length studio album on their BandCamp page.

Listen to Oryx + Crake’s Set at The Earl (01/15/11)

1 – The Road

2 – I Could Be Anyone Anywhere

3 – Lilac Wine (Nina Simone cover)

4 – Too Many Things Went Wrong Too Often

5 – Bed Dream

>>>> Download all five songs