Show Preview: DR DOG w/ Cotton Jones at The Masquerade in Atlanta – 11/16

The talented Dr. Dog headlines at Heaven at The Masquerade on Friday, November 16th. They’ll be supported by Cotton Jones, a charming husband and wife duo. Take some time to check out Everett’s preview of the show and get your tickets while you can!


Openers Cotton Jones, (formerly Cotton Jones Basket Ride), are a mild psychedelic rock outfit lead by husband and wife duo Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw. With a constant groove sound that reminds of NJ beach rockers Real Estate, and some soulful sounds comparable to the Doors, Cotton Jones has a focus on crooning blues-esque lyrics with a syncopated rhythm pulled along by the constant undertones of an organ. Each song has an element of similarity to the previous without making one feel like it is the same some on repeat.  These guys will certainly be a great warm up for headliners Dr. Dog.

For those unfamiliar, Dr. Dog hails from West Grove, Pennsylvania (now Philly), having made a name for themselves with early tours with the likes of M. Ward and My Morning Jacket. Dr. Dog also became known for their DIY approach to production, having only one album out of seven released via a traditional record label. Now touring regularly along the East coast and recognized as veterans in a crowded indie pop scene, Dr. Dog makes another swing through the ATL by way of the Masquerade this Friday!

There are few bands over recent years that have struck me as immediately as Dr. Dog did when I first heard the songs “My Old Ways” and “Ain’t It Strange”. Their unique take on pop lyrics having meaning, and their off-kilter harmonies have the ability to dig deep and make you feel like you’re pulled back to simpler times, but not without the comfort of your iPad. Dr. Dog permeates a nostalgic sense through loaded question and response songs like this year’s early LP Be The Void’s opening track “Lonesome” chorus, “What does it take to be lonesome? / Nothing at all.” They also tend to be rather provocative with some questions throughout songs like “That Old Black Hole”, where there are a dozen quips along the lines of “Who am I to tell the truth?/ I don’t even know what it is.”

The energy at their live shows is infectious and calls for some raucous group dancing, or at least some respect by head bobbing to the beat. Don’t worry if you are a fan of conscious indie lyrics, but don’t always want to get sweat on by the drunk guy who’s way too into the band (sorry about that), as they have some excellent songs that err on the wistful paced side such as the ever popular “Shadow People”, or a newer favorite of mine, “How Long Must I Wait?”. The good news is that if you live near Atlanta the wait is brief and there are still some tickets for sale (at the time of writing this) to see Dr. Dog Friday ,Nov. 16th on the Heaven Stage at the Masquerade in Atlanta!

Dr. Dog – by Chris Crisman