Show Preview: Say Anything w/ Murder By Death + Guests at 40 Watt – 10/24

Say Anything will be headlining at the 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia on Wednesday the 24th, alongside support from Murder By Death, The Sidekicks, and Tallhart. Tickets are still available, so get them while you can!

Raise your hand if Is A Real Boy… was the soundtrack to your high school angst. And even if it wasn’t, you were probably familiar with “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” or “Alive With The Glory Of Love” – come on, that one was on Scrubs.

And while we’re on the topic of Is A Real Boy…, did you know that Max Bemis wrote the album as a musical? Isn’t he genius?

I know, I sound like a 15-year-old.

That’s what’s so great about Say Anything, though. They know that although you may be in your last year of college or taking your first steps into the real world, your angst-ridden, inner 15-year-old isn’t going anywhere.

And they always play their old songs, the songs that shaped your world when you were 15 – they even play the songs from when they were in high school, the songs you had to scavenge through LimeWire for.

Say Anything did mature since 2004, and frontrunner Max conquered his issues with Bipolar disorder. This is very evident in Say Anything’s later albums. The band almost broke up a few years ago, but they fought through it and gave us Anarchy, My Dear earlier this year. It amazes me that the band has been through so much and still has the willpower to produce album after album.

So get to the 40 Watt Wednesday night. See Say Anything and let your inner 15-year-old run wild and fawn. See Murder By Death too, because they’re great. (I can’t gush about Murder By Death the same way because I didn’t listen to them throughout high school and they did not shape a chunk of my life – I can say that they are extremely talented, however.) Support for the entire tour comes from The Sidekicks, a band from Columbus, Ohio that I’m excited to hear live, and’s old friends from Florida, Tallhart (formerly known as Marksmen). And if you really want to, you should bring Max and Sherri (of Eisley) a present for the baby girl they’re expecting in February. And have a good time. Except I don’t have to order you to do that.

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