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Once upon a time, Beth Yeckley recruited a team of writers and laid the foundation for what is now one of The Blue Indian's strongest features: Album Reviews. After a year and a half hiatus, she is back as a contributing writer.

Beth says the greatest band that she's discovered through working with is Austin Crane / Valley Maker. Follow her at @BethYeckley on Twitter and Instagram.

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Beth Yeckley sits down with Jimmy Brown of Matrimony! Don’t miss them at SXSW 2011!

Over the Ocean’s “Paper House”

“The band undoubtedly operates with a religious agenda, and they’re not ashamed of it (this is probably the most crucial step in their success).” -BY

Top Ten of 2010 List 4

Top Ten for 2010 (List #4 of 7): by Beth Yeckley

Beth nails it by naming Local Natives’ “Gorilla Manor” number one. Check her list out!

Seabear in NY 10/16/10

Show Review + Photos: Seabear in New York, NY

When Beth heard Seabear recently, what struck her was their “sweet demeanor.”

freelance whales

Q&A with Freelance Whales

TBI writer, Beth Yeckley, sits down with Jake from Freelance Whales for an exclusive interview!

seabear new

Q&A with Seabear (11-02-10)

Following their stellar show in New York City recently, Beth sits down with Seabear.

Pomegranates’ “One of Us”

TBI’s Beth Yeckley is digging Pomegranates new record– calling ‘flawless dreampop.’

Greg Laswell’s “Take A Bow”

“‘Take A Bow’ is a total growth chart of Laswell’s music.” -BY

Q&A with Greg Laswell

Check out Beth’s interview with Greg Laswell. They talk about sad songs, tour with Sara Bareilles, and his dog.