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A Picture of Everett Verner

Growing up without a lot of musical influence around his home, Everett found himself easily pulled in by the grunge and alternative rock movements of the mid 90’s. Impatient and tired of only having corporate radio at his disposal he relished the hours tracking down anything from Weezer B-sides to making sure he could get his hands on complete collections of influential musicians that he’d never heard on the radio as he stumbled from everything between Townes Van Zandt to Aslan. This was perpetuated by the occasional music video (back when those were a thing) that would catch his eyes and ears, namely the first time he sat puzzled watching Radiohead’s "Karma Police" video. In college, Everett hosted a radio show for a couple years that spurned his interest forward into the older analog music of the 60s and 70s as well.

Currently, Everett spends his time working for a non-profit organization and seeing bands that come through town. His favorite recent albums are Sisyphus' self-titled debut, Wild Moccasin's 88 92, and Run the Jewels 2 self titled debut. Everett has been a member of the Bragg Jam Music Festival for 5 years, currently serving as President, and loves spending time at other festivals around the country in his spare time.

Everett Verner's Latest Contributions

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