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In the Summer of 2009 after having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Luke had the idea of starting a music blog that would promote Georgia, independent talent especially, but maintaining a broad focus on artists and bands across the globe. The idea soon became a reality and as they say, the rest is his in the books. Luke currently resides in Macon, GA and is fortunate to be married to a beautiful woman named Drew. She said yes to him for the world to see and the two a few years later became the proud parents of Lennox and Hines. You can follow Luke on Twitter and soon realize that he's an avid fan of the Atlanta Braves, Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Hawks.

Luke Goddard's Latest Contributions

The Cat Empire’s “Cinema”

“So with interesting lyrical story lines and magical instrumental combinations, the Cat Empire is still doing it right.” -VP

Pomegranates’ New Record Set to Release Oct. 14th

We’re really digging this band. New record set to release this Fall.

Josh Schurr’s “Sleep Like The World”

“I don’t think I would listen to this album again unless I was going to bed.” -VP

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #6: List of Auction Items

On Friday, July 30, on the eve of the Concert Crawl, Bragg Jam kicks off with the Patrons’ Party & Music Auction at the Armory Ballroom (484 First Street) in downtown Macon. The auction begins at 10 p.m. with $10 admission. The following is just SOME of the items that will be auctioned off! Ocmulgee Expeditions […]

Maps and Atlases’ “Perch Patchwork”

“While major praise has been drawn by their technical guitar work, I think what is more impressive is …” (Read More!)

citizen insane

Bragg Jam 2010 Blurb #5: Q&A with Citizen Insane

Sean Pritchard (TBI): Can you tell us a bit about the band? Who you are, where you’re from, and what you do in the band? Shawn Williamson (Citizen Insane): We formed Citizen Insane about three and a half years ago. We were living in the outskirts of Macon at the time. We spent about six […]

Diskjokke’s “En Fin Tid”

In her usual short-and-to-the-point fashion, Lindsey gives Diskjokke’s record an 8 and calls it “fresh and optimistic.” (Read more)

the futureheads

Free mp3: The Futureheads’ “Struck Dumb”

Free download! The Futureheads’ “Struck Dumb.” Check it out!