Acoustic Alley: oh dorian

Oh Dorian - Acoustic AlleyIt’s sad to say, but I don’t remember the first time I saw Heather Kemp perform. It was either at the now-defunct Georgia Music Hall of Fame’s “Live at Five” Series, or perhaps at a Macon Venue Project show. It’s been at least five years though. Since she began writing, recording, and eventually playing shows under the moniker oh dorian (early 2007), Heather has been one of most talented musicians to call Macon home in years. There was a time where oh dorian was everywhere. She’d have a theatre show one night, followed by an intimate listening room event, and a calendar full of dates.

These days, Heather is enrolled at GCSU and lives in Milledgeville. Her most recent release, a self-titled album, is deeply personal and perhaps her most well crafted yet. Released as a cassette tape, the album is packaged with old family photos that relate to individual songs on the album – an interesting and incredibly time consuming set up for her.

During Besides Daniel’s recent stop in Macon, Heather joined her old friend for a show at Jittery Joe’s before accompanying him downtown to help film his Acoustic Alley session – ultimately recording her own. Though some things have changed for the oh dorian project, she is still actively recording music and releases a new demo or cover on a weekly basis. oh dorian is far from over – in her eyes and ours. There’s nothing more exciting to me than when an artist begins a new season of their work and I look forward to the continued progression of the story of oh dorian.

– Sean Pritchard

Oh Dorian – “Troublin’ Mind”

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Oh Dorian – “Hookah” & “Salt Ceremony”

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