Acoustic Alley: Last Year’s Men

Last Year’s Men came to me through high regard from some fellow booking friends. When a band who’s average members age sits at 20 year’s old signs up with one of the most well known booking agency’s in the country (Paradigm), it means that someone was impressed enough with their record and live show that they decided to take on a band who’s toured only around the East Coast and work to develop them into a nationally touring act. So, with little hesitancy, we brought them down for our last show of 2011. They were joined by two of Macon’s more well known recent acts, oh dorian, and a reunion show from Alec Stanley Seven plus a set from our good friends Scouts, a group from Kansas City.

LYM hit the stage to a small crowd early that night and played like they were headlining a sold out show. Their youthful energy and raucous stage presence impressed the folks that were there, but it was obvious these guys were more at home in a crowded basement or club. We met up with them while loading out and proposed the idea of our Alley series and after a bit of hesitancy (“I don’t really even know how this is going to work, but let’s try it out”) we made it into the familiar alley and set up camp. While only two members of the band actually performed in the song, which they named at the last minute “Untitled”, and the other two guys and members from Scouts pelted singer Ben Carr and drummer Ian Rose with trash from the alley. It might for yet another very unique video. Enjoy!

Last Year’s Men – “Untitled”

[youtube showinfo=0 id=8qoYbLePoUw]