Acoustic Alley: The Front Bottoms

I occasionally find myself at a loss for music that evokes the same emotions I had when I first delved into actually forming my own taste and opinions about what I listened to. Sure, that has a lot to do with the fact that I was 13 or 14 when I began my lifelong quest for music and I don’t think quite the same way now as I did then, but I will always remember the feeling of sitting down and listening through one of Brand New or The Get Up Kids or Saves The Day’s albums. To be young….

Nonetheless, When I first heard The Front Bottoms, I watched through their official video for “Maps” five or six times before leaving my room and telling everyone in my house to “come hear this band!!”. The New Jersey-based band, comprised of Brian Sella and Matt Uychich, have carefully crafted a blend of uptempo, melodious pop-rock that I could only really compare to (what I assume this would sound like) Brian Warren & Max Bemis’ love child. The band stopped in Macon on their most recent tour and between hanging out and playing an incredible show, they filmed a three song Acoustic Alley shoot. Enjoy!

– Sean Pritchard

The Front Bottoms – “Maps”

[youtube id=L4xMBq6Ba14 showinfo=0]

The Front Bottoms – “Flying Model Rockets”

[youtube id=JrPuUyo-u6M showinfo=0]

The Front Bottoms – “Rhode Island” [explicit lyrics]

[youtube id=KB_ZNu9h_zU showinfo=0]