The Blue Indian’s Acoustic Alley: Arthur Alligood

I’ve known Arthur Alligood a long time. I’ve also been an avid fan of indie music and indie musicians for as long as I can remember. And if I’m being completely honest here, there’s just not that many songwriters out there better than this fella. In fact, in my book, he surpasses most of them. From the moment I founded, it has been my intention all along to create a platform in which I can have some sort of aid in enabling an independent musician or an independent band of musicians catch “that break” that allows them to make a sufficient living doing what they were made to do. And while Alligood is talented in many areas, there’s no denying that he was made to write thought-provoking songs with hooks that bring you back day in and day out. And he does just that. This past weekend, November 12th, 2010, Arthur was the centerpiece of what was’s 1st Annual Writers in the Round. After the show, he was kind enough to perform a 3-song TBI Acoustic Alley session. Enjoy!

-Luke Goddard, founder of

Arthur Alligood – “Keep Your Head Up” (w/ Molly Parden & Danny Brewer)

[youtube id=l9M2X6U0k5A showinfo=0]

Arthur Alligood – “Turn It Over”

[youtube id=UWsAzXU1kBE showinfo=0]

Arthur Alligood – “Balaam, Samson, Judas, and Jesus”

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