The Blue Indian’s Acoustic Alley: Robbers, Floco Torres, Al K!ng, and Stribling

I had just finished shooting a TBI “Acoustic Alley” video with Long Island, NY band Robbers when Floco Torres walked into the alley. I introduced the musicians to each other and Robbers’ frontman Andrew Accardi started tapping out a beat on their drum. Floco started freestylin’ and it began.

Floco was soon joined by Al K!ng and the two seamlessly bounced rhymes back and forth. Then the sounds of a banjo filled the alley – Stribling had arrived. Moments later a tiny, toy piano was added to the mix and notes were pounded out of it. The next thing I knew, our initial group of 6 had turned into a 40+ crowd rendering the alley impassable.

It was one of those rare, memorable musical moments. The kind of moment that when described to others is always followed with a “You shoulda been there!”

While the video I shot can’t come near to capturing the energy of the moment, it will give you an idea of the joy that comes from such spontaneous, talented musical collaborations. This is what The Blue Indian is all about.

[youtube id=x0Mffk2C6Bs]

You shoulda been there!