The Blue Indian’s Acoustic Alley: Stribling

As The Blue Indian’s new and very popular “Acoustic Alley” series continues to pick up steam, we have no plans on slowing it down. As we continue to bring touring bands to Macon, we plan on doing an Acoustic Alley feature with them as a parting gift to them and those who fell in love with them 10 minutes before as they performed their set. Just so you know, TBI’s Acoustic Alley performances take place directly after the band’s set. During this episode of Acoustic Alley, you can enjoy watching rising band, Stribling, perform an original called “Broken Blue” and a White Stripes cover called “Hotel Yorba.”

Stribling – Broken Blue (acoustic)

[youtube id=OIKLtq1VM_o showinfo=0]

Stribling – Hotel Yorba, (White Stripes cover)

[youtube id=M7d5bq1PKzM showinfo=0]